Linguistics for Teachers (Asynchronous Course)

Linguistics for Teachers (Asynchronous Course)

This self-paced, asynchronous course is designed to deepen educator’s knowledge and skills on evidence-based practices to help Multilingual Learners (MLLs) succeed academically. The course contains six modules, covering the development of oral and written language over five stages of language acquisition. Each module contains a video lecture, readings, a quiz, and workbook activities. The course will not offer individualized feedback to participants. Participants will: 1. develop an understanding of language as a system of knowledge and its individual components (pragmatics & world knowledge, phonology, morphology, the lexicon (vocabulary knowledge), and syntax. 2. gain awareness of the stages of language acquisition, both oral and written, to differentiate instruction. 3. expand expertise in integrating the teaching of linguistic skills in English into their content area and grade through the instructor’s modeling of specific strategies. 4. analyze curriculum for content and language, and practice integrating the explicit teaching of linguistic skills with content through workbook activities. Upon registration, participants will be sent a link to the course. The course will remain open to registered participants until June 1, 2024.

Starting date: Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Link to register:


Sep 26 2023 - Jun 01 2024


8:00 am - 4:00 pm
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